Senior Minister

Gene Weece

Gene is married to Donita.  He is a graduate from Ozark Christian College.


Preaching Minister

Tim Camp

Timothy Camp joined the staff at UFCC in August 2017.  He is a 2006 graduate from Johnson Bible College.  He received his Bachelor of Science and Preaching, Bible, and Leadership.  Tim was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Tim grew up in ministry and has a long line of preachers and devoted servants of God in his lineage.  Tim and Cindy met in Indiana at Hilltop Christian Camp and they were married in 2012.  They have three sons and a daughter, Jack was born in 2012, Thorson was born in 2014, Rose was born in 2016, and Wulfric was born in 2018.

Tim loves to see people start to connect the dots in their lives that lead them back to God and realize the amazing love that God has for all people.  He has a passion for apologetics and the truths of the Bible.  Tim has ministered in the churches of Tennessee, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Illinois.  Tim’s favorite book of the Bible is Isaiah and his favorite chapter is chapter 6.

Tim’s hobbies include reading sci-fi and medieval Viking history and mythology.  He also enjoys reading JRR Tolkien and Marvel Comics.  Tim enjoys watching baseball and his favorite teams are the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago Cubs.  Being born in Stillwater, he enjoys watching OSU games.  As a family, they love having family nights and going to the park or the zoo.  Tim’s love and joys are God, his wife, his children, and all of God’s creation.


Joni Halley

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  November 2020  
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